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Justin Lewis Releases Mixtape, Fills Rapper Void for Maryland Football

2324226_mediumOur first real introduction to future starting DT A.J. Francis wasn't a play on the gridiron, but instead a rhyme in the studio. For the first few months of eligibility to play at Maryland, Francis was more well-known (to me, at least) for his rapper status than his defensive skill. He quickly remedied that with a solid freshman year, and his potential on the field well surpassed his talent on the mic. Sadly, though, the football team was left rapper-less.

Not for long.

Because apparently every iteration of Maryland's team has to have an unknown lineman rapping, backup guard Justin Lewis has released a mixtape under the name "J Lew", entitled Dirty As It Gets. The cover image is a somewhat disturbing image of Lewis with his shirt off and his head down. If you really feel the need (I wouldn't), you can download it from DatPiff.

Lewis started three games last year before losing his job and fading into obscurity. Seriously, dude was incognito the final few games. He's technically a candidate for the guard and tackle spots, but he's more likely to end up a backup, maybe third-stringer, than starting.

Personally, J Lew can't hold a candle to Francis' Jack Diamond. Occasionally he has some decent rhymes, but the beats are terrible and he sounds like he's rapping into a paper cup. His good moments remind me of something Terrell Stoglin would compose if he thought about it beforehand. Also, I can't take any backup offensive lineman claiming that he's "da bomb" and throws "money in the air like yeah". You're a backup. Just accept that in life and move on.

Maybe Lewis will enjoy the same success on the field that Francis saw after his mixtape release. Maryland's offensive line will need it. Otherwise, yes, you will hear about this again during the season ("maybe if Maryland's lineman focused on football instead of rapping"...). Not from me, of course, but probably from the MSM.

Personally, I want to hear a Bennett Fulper country album.