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Maryland Minute 5.7.10 - Gary Williams Denies Patsos Hire

Looks like we're staring down the barrell of two Garys. via <a href=""></a>
Looks like we're staring down the barrell of two Garys. via

Tracking the Terps: Gary Williams says no assistant hired yet

Williams just told me: "I have several people I have to talk to. The search is on."


Let's be clear. Nobody at Maryland has ruled out Patsos as a candidate, at least not to me. But Maryland says it wouldn't be accurate to say Patsos is "expected" to be named to the post.

Just after I convinced myself this would be great.

One More Time: Wishing Goodbye to Greivis Vasquez - RTC
Something great was robbed from us.

Had it not been for Korie Lucious finding the bottom of the net on a buzzer-beating three, Vasquez’ leaner to give the Terrapins a lead in their second round duel with Michigan State could have gone down in college basketball lore. Even though his prior shot may ultimately be forgotten, Vasquez’ passion for the college game, even if you root for a team in Durham or Winston-Salem, was something truly appreciated by those that love our sport.

That still seem unfair to anyone else?

Maryland spring wrap-up - Dinich
The offensive line is both a spring answer AND a fall question. Yeah, that's what we like to call "apathy".

MaxPreps Gives Maryland the #19 Football Recruiting Class
Thanks to TerpsBaby34 for the link. Sounds good to me.

It's difficult to ignore the early success of Maryland and head coach Ralph Friedgen. The Terrapins sit comfortably with 11 verbal commitments. While Maryland fans are excited about Nigel King, a wide receiver from North Carolina, success with the rest of this recruiting class will be defined by how well the Terps can keep a fence around the state, with Jennings and Cyrus Kouandjio still on the board.

More Uni Talk
A few of us college bloggers had a discussion on uniforms over Twitter. One tweet that may stand out:

outside of bama, penn st, usc, texas and a few others everyone is using uni's in the recruiting game. It works.

Like I said, let's get on this.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
So apparently Luke Piotrowski might go the mid-major route despite having high-major offers. I don't want to sound like a jerk here, but I honestly believe that would be a good decision for him.

UNC Might Find Quick Fix: Kadeem Jack
Interesting; Jack is a pretty hot commodity in NYC circles, but I can't imagine anyone beating out UNC for him if they're interested. Honestly he might be a step up from the Wears.

Len Elmore Adds Class to iHoops
I love Len for a lot of reasons, and this just adds to the list. If you forgot, iHoops is the joining together of the NBA and NCAA to try to somewhat regulate youth basketball - that is, HS, AAU, and to some extent college.

"We're trying to be a unifying force," Elmore said. "But the logical progression is, if unchecked, if the exploitation continues, if the lack of balance continues, when the game is placed outside of perspective, then I think eventually something like that (governmental involvement) could occur."

Y'know how Gary Williams always complains about how corrupt basketball is? It's not hard to see. That's basically what Len's fighting now. Sweet.