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Report: Jimmy Patsos Expected to Fill Chuck Driesell's Position as Assistant Coach at Maryland

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[Note by Ben Broman, 05/07/10 8:44 PM EDT - We have a denial.]

Not quite official, but for all the crap we give Yanda he's rarely wrong and a good investigative journalist, so no reason not to trust him. Per the Post.

Former Maryland men's basketball assistant Jimmy Patsos -- who has served as the head coach at Loyola (Md.) since departing the Terrapins in 2004 -- is expected to retake a position on Coach Gary Williams's staff, according to multiple sources close to the program. An official announcement is expected to come at some point next week.

Patsos, in case you forgot, spent 13 years as a Maryland assistant under Gary Williams, and was a top assistant for the national championship season. He left in 2004 to coach at Loyola, where he took over a one-win team and actually got them to a winning record. He's started to struggle lately, which may be the reason he's heading back to College Park. He knows the area, the program, and Gary, and Gary knows him. It will be a very short transitionary period, and that's important in a job like this.

As for how good or bad of a hire it is, well, I couldn't tell you; I'm not that tuned in. I'll do some more research tonight and have at least one or two more posts on him, but I'm on the fence right now. On the one hand, he's a tad underwhelming in that he's from the family and we know what he brings; no delusions of grandeur in recruiting here. On the other hand, he's as close to a sure thing you can get, his track record is impeccable, and I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to return to the early 2000s for Maryland basketball. 

More coming soon.