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Maryland Minute 5.6.10 - Is MD's Class Top 25?

Rivals Says No

I say borderline.  Can't say I'm surprised we didn't make the list, though. I think we've all pretty much had it with rankings anyway. 

MaxPreps Unveils 2011 Top 100, It's...Confusing

Quinn Cook is #10. That's a tad high, especially considering uber-stud Marquis Teague is #11. Jabari Brown is at #26, which seems a little low for him. Meanwhile, Michael Gbinije is behind Henry Brooks and Aaron Brown, which is shocking. Mikael Hopkins, LaQuinton Ross, Deuce Bello, and Rod Days are all in the 70s, and that's low for all of them. And Sterling Gibbs is nowhere to be found

For what it's worth, I'm not a big fan of MaxPreps' ever. They're rarely accurate. - BB

The hunt for an assistant - D1SCOURSE

Still no hurry, it sounds. Also sounds like he hasn't really begun the process yet. - BB

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Mychal Parker

I've heard these same "work ethic concerns" in scouting reports even now. If they're not true, as his coach says, Parker might be a nice surprise.

"When I took the job I heard that he wasn't taking advantage of his talents and he wasn't working hard enough," Willard said of Parker, who committed to Maryland shortly after he took the job. "To my surprise, he worked his butt off. He gets up a lot of shots and his work ethic is going to help, no question. He's going to need it. ... He can do it all. He can rebound, he can shoot it, he can drive to the basket and he can defend when he wants to. So this year, he was without question one of the most talented players I've ever coached. He needs to play hard on every possession, but I think he got better as the year went on."

- BB

Faceoff: Maryland eager to play rather than take weekend off

Gotta wrap up the regular season with the W. 

Wear twins leaving UNC; Roy Williams taken by surprise -

Seems really out of the blue (no pun intended.) Props to Terpsbaby for the link. 

Calhoun Gets Another Extension

Is it just me or do Calhoun extension talks come up every couple months?