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Maryland Minute 5.3.10 - Ranking the ACC, Nation's Best Kick Returners

ACC post-spring power rankings - Dinich

Maryland is #8. Pretty good, actually.

Coach Ralph Friedgen was pleased with his spring practices, specifically the progress of the offensive line, which will be critical to their comeback this fall. The Terps have settled on quarterback Jamarr Robinson as their starter and have plenty of talent at running back and receiver to help him.

- BB

Power Ranking the Nation's Best Kick Returners | Bleacher Report

Our own Torrey Smith comes in at #4.  There's some other talented guys on that list but my Terp-bias puts him at #1.

Big Bruce out to prove critics wrong

Nice article from the San Fransisco Chronicle on Bruce Campbell. The move to right guard should get him on the field quicker and help his development.

I Can Run Faster Than Maryland's Basketball Team

Every last member.

Adrian Bowie, Maryland's junior guard from Montrose Christian High in Rockville, ran the 3.1 miles in 23 minutes and 44 seconds to lead the Maryland players across the finish line. He was followed by sophomore Ersin Levent of Landon Prep (25:01), Gregory (25:35), junior David Pearman, the Oakland Mills High athlete of the year in 2007 (26:14), senior Eric Hayes of Potomac High in Woodbridge, Va. (26:14), junior Cliff Tucker (26:29), Mosley (27:53), freshman Jordan Williams (27:53) and James Padgett (28:47).

Ran a sub-20 a few weeks ago. I know none of them took this seriously, but I'm still proud. - BB

Quint Kessenich's Top 20: Terps #3

No change from last week after the 17-4 whooping over Fairfield on Saturday. They'll likely earn a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. 

Len Elmore Becomes CEO of iHoops

Good for Len. iHoops is the NBA and NCAA's efforts to improve basketball activities for America's youth. The goal is essentially to expand the popularity of the game at the grassroots level. I don't know how this'd work, but I'm praying for it to become a recruiting tool somehow. - BB

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap

You know the drill.