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Maryland Minute 5.26.10 - Debbie Yow: "We're Not Going Anywhere"

She's the one on the left, BTW.
She's the one on the left, BTW.

Yow On Maryland/Big Ten Rumors: "We’re Not Going Anywhere"

The new President will probably have a strong say in the matter but Yow has made her position clear. 

Sporting News Ranks Terps FB 89th


Maryland says men's lacrosse coaching search is wide open

Well then. That goes against the previous report that they were looking at three candidates, but it's not exactly informative. - BB

Lacrosse Analyst Quint Kessenich on the Coaching Vacancy

Says there's about 10 people Debbie Yow should talk to and calls the MD job the "fourth or fifth" best in the country. 

FanHouse Says Maryland at #7 in the ACC

That's borderline NCAA tournament. - BB

The Terps are this low because of who they lost – longtime stars Vasquez, Hayes and Landon Milbourne – and this high because of who they haven't – coach Gary Williams. He'll have to replace three starters and their combined 43.6 points per game, more than half Maryland's offense in 2010, but Williams always finds a way. There is still talent left in College Park, notably center Jordan Williams, who, after an impressive freshman campaign, may become the Terps' best post player since Lonnie Baxter and Chris Wilcox in 2002. Picking Maryland seventh, however, is a blind vote of confidence to Williams, one of the nation's finest, and somehow still underrated, coaches. Sean Mosley and Adrian Bowie should form a nice backcourt and incoming wing Mychal Parker could be a pleasant surprise for a team in need of a scoring punch. Expect the typical rebuilding year from the longtime coach: a few painful losses early and a team no one will look forward to facing by season's end.

Yes, Gary Williams is Golfing

Feel free to make some jokes now.

Reviewing the Terps 1995 BB Recruiting Class

The first in a series of pieces from IMS reviewing the Terps' last 15 recruiting classes. This one's free. Enjoy.