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PSA: Former Terp Maurice Edu Scored a Goal

He played at Maryland.
He played at Maryland.

Okay, so nothing happened today. But there is good news, if you like soccer (and, if you're a Maryland fan, you should).

Former Terp Maurice Edu just scored in the 17th minute in the United States' pre-World Cup friendly against Czech Republic. The goal came from a Stuart Holden free kick, and was partially caused by another former Terp, Clarence Goodson, forcing the ball on net. Edu had a layup of a shot.

But hey, a goal's a goal, and it's always good to see UMD alumni representing internationally. Goodson and Edu are the only Terps on the pitch, although Robbie Rogers is also on the team. The game's still going on, if you're interested. Go Terps, and go USA. Great combo.

PS: FWIW, I just finalized the research portion of Coming and Going. The rundown should be coming soon.