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Maryland Minute 5.25.10 - Quinn Cook Still a Possibility?

Do want. Still.
Do want. Still.

Tip of the cap to DT for most of the links today.

Terps Still Recruiting Quinn Cook?

He's still listing them. - BB

Recruiting Report: Meet Berend Weijs

Matt Bracken does a great write up on Berend Weijs, how he became a Terp, and his overall abilities. Good piece, as always, by Bracken.

Vegas says your 2010-11 national title favorites are ... - The Dagger

Shocking, Vegas thinks Duke is most-likely to win the 2011 title, coming in at 6:1. Our 2nd most hated team of last season, Michigan State, comes in 2nd at 10:1. UNC appears as a Tier 3, 25:1 favorite. Anyone else think that's high? Maryland didn't make the top 5 tiers.

Letting Cottle go isn't the answer for Maryland - Mike Preston

The always opinionated Mr. Preston believes that the Terps' expectations for their lacrosse program are unrealistic. I think we can do better than a semifinals appearance every four years, and a Natty every 35. - BG     

Coaches experiment with mock bracket exercise - ESPN

Andy Katz talks about how the NCAA opened up how the selection process works and most coaches came to the same bracket as the selection committee. It was interesting to note that apparently RPI didn't carry nearly the weight people think it does. Oh, and Gary was supposed to participate, but was unable to make it. Presumably he was recruiting all of the studs in BMore for 2011.

Very, very early local basketball scheduling bits and pieces - D1SCOURSE

Patrick Stevens looks at the Terps 2010-2011 basketball schedule. It's never too early to talk basketball, right?

ACC replay to be in HD in 2010 -

You'd think it would have already been in HD, but at least it is now...