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Maryland Minute 5.23.10 - Vasquez Draft Update, Plus More Terps Lacrosse

Monroe, Vasquez lead local NBA hopefuls - WaPo
Good stuff on Vasquez here. He's already been guaranteed to be drafted, and graduated. Good to hear he's taking the right mindset, too:

"Look at the NBA, who's winning right now? The teams with the most experience," he said. "I'm just hoping I get with the right team and the right situation. I just want my chance. I know I'm a role player and eventually, I will become a good player in the league and be a starting point guard. I'm not trying to be a superstar like I was at Maryland."

Maryland women advance to national lacrosse semifinals
Final four! Who needs men's lacrosse? Bringing home the championship this year.

Cottle discusses end of Maryland tenure - D1SCOURSE
His final statements.

Jabari Brown and Kyle Wiltjer Mixtape
Here's a mixtape from the Houston EYBL of the entire Drew Gooden Soldiers team. Maryland targets Jabari Brown (#32) and Kyle Wiltjer (#14) are featured heavily. Wiltjer looks more athletic than I thought; he's definitely a great shooter with some decent post moves. As for Brown...what can you say? He knocks down a ~27 foot jumper in the video. Insane shooter, great hops.

Big Ten Expansion and the Sexiness of Academia
Yeah, it's Bleacher Report, but it's actually not a bad article. The academic pluses of (and reasons for) Big Ten expansion have been increasingly used as an argument, and this is another one. Lots of academic money and lots of libraries. If they call, the University has to overtake the Athletic Department on this one.

MD-bound Mike Parker Follows in Fathers Footsteps
Mike Parker's father was a legend on the Ohio coast.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, a pretty good article (outside of that) on Mychal Parker playing iS8 in New York before heading to Maryland.