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Maryland Minute 5.20.10 - Preseason FB All-ACC Team


Props to Ben B. for most of the links today.

Phil Steele's All-ACC Team: Wujciak, Smith Make the Cut

And that's it, probably deservedly.

Another Lacrosse Analyst Picks MD to reach Final Four

This time it's ESPN's Mark Dixon via the Baltimore Sun.

"Q: When the smoke clears, will there be three Atlantic Coast Conference teams in the Final Four?

MD: "Yes. I think that Virginia takes care of Stony Brook, the Duke-Carolina winner goes, and I think Maryland – with the their energy and the way they play and if they shoot well – that’s a team finding a way to win right now." 

Recruiting Report: Meet Pe'Shon Howard

Good stuff here; I still contend that Howard will have the biggest impact of all the freshmen for the reasons explored here: he's the most ready. Oh, and MVPe' wasn't one of his nicknames. Bad.

My Take: We've got time to grow the nickname. 

ACC Sunday Night Hoops 'Won't Go Away' With New ESPN Deal

Cool? I mean, I've never really cared that much about whether we play on Sunday or, say, Tuesday. In fact, I think we need to move to Saturday.

From the Hot Seat: Maryland's Fridge dilemma

Doug Gillett from Dr. Saturday profiles Fridge and the temperature of his seat. Oh, yeah, we're quoted, too. So, what does Gillett think?

Approximate hotness of seat. Surface of the sun.

Yep, that's about right.

Justin Anderson Highlights from EYBL

Amazing, as always, but it'd be cool to see a video of him doing something other than dunking. Just one.

My Take: The dunk at :35 seconds is almost from the free throw line.  Unreal.