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Greivis Vasquez NBA Draft Watch: Post-Lottery Standing

For most Wizards fans, a dream was fulfilled last night at the NBA Draft Lottery: with Ted Leonsis on board, the Wiz kickstarted the rebuilding process by winning the #1 pick. For some fans, though, a dream was also deferred: with John Wall almost certainly going to the Wizards at #1, Greivis Vasquez unfortunately no longer fills a need for Les Boulez. And that means that despite a valiant Twitter effort, Wall and Vasquez probably won't be in the nation's capital come next year. Actually, the prospect that Vasquez ends up in the DMV at the next level has probably disappeared.

Other than that sad realization, though, the lottery didn't have a huge impact on Vasquez's draft standing; he's still floating around the middle of the second round, and no team has suddenly been afforded the ability to fill their PG need without Vasquez.

Dallas and San Antonio are still popular destinations, and the longer they linger the better I feel about them as potential landing places; they'll be competitive and he should be able to get playing time, so there's not a lot to complain about.

Indiana has been mentioned on more than one occasion, and is still hanging around, too. An unsettled PG situation and Danny Granger make it a pretty good situation. I'm not quite as sold on Miami, especially if Dwyane Wade heads out the door. He'll get plenty of PT, but without any weapons around him. Sacramento is in need of a #2 PG, which could be a good place to end up if Tyreke Evans can make them competitive again.

Meanwhile, Jay Bilas is giving Greivis some props, slotting him at the #47 best overall prospect. That's a lot better than a lot of places he's been ranked, sometimes as low as the mid-70s. Apparently, though, Memphis fans don't give Greivis much respect:

Miller was one of the 40 or 50 fans who showed up at a Grizzlies draft lottery party Tuesday night. The Grizzlies wound up with the 12th pick overall.

"It beats us getting the No. 1 pick and using it on Greivis Vasquez," he said.

Well, duh, but drafting Greivis Vasquez would beat drafting Jon Scheyer. So there, Memphis fan.

If you need some from-the-source updates, Greivis is updating his Twitter constantly, broken English ("Magics") and all. 

(PS: The Magic actually make some sense if he falls farther than he should; they need a backup for Jameer Nelson.)