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Maryland Minute 5.19.10 - The Greivis/Duke Relationship and a Mychal Parker Update

Say it ain't so, GV.
Say it ain't so, GV.

Greivis Vasquez Loves Duke? - The Sporting Blog

It's probably more mutual respect than love but still not fun to read. Also, the photoshopped picture may be one of the most puke-worthy things I've ever seen.   

Recruiting Report: Meet Mychal Parker

Well, he's saying all the right things.

"I want to show them that I mean business," Parker said. "I don’t want to play around. I want to really focus. I want Maryland to be back on top in basketball."

Jeff Barker Recounts the MSU Loss in Excruciating Detail

There's some nice quotes from the three seniors in here but prepared to have that sickening feeling in your stomach.

Updated Mock Draft -

They've got Greivis going to Indiana at #40, and Milbourne going undrafted.

Another Terp Against Joining the Big 10

Rick Snider from the Washington Examiner echoes many of the same arguments against Maryland joining the Big 10.

Duke Leads for Austin Rivers

Very, very bad news.