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Maryland Minute 5.18.10 - Da'Rel Scott Regaining Form, Lax Predictions

Awesome picture.
Awesome picture.

Yesterday's (errrr Today's) MM comes out a little late but I assure you it is well worth the wait. 

Terps' Scott faster, more confident - Dinich

He and the rest of the running back crew are going to be a big part of any success MD has this season.

"In an effort to distinguish himself from the pack this fall, Scott joined the Terps’ indoor track team and competed in the 60-yard dash with the hopes of improving his speed. It worked, as Scott set the school 40-yard dash record for running backs in spring testing with a 4.33." 

ACC Doesn't Think PSU Matchup is a "slap in the face" for MD

Associate ACC commissioner Karl Hicks makes some decent points.

"Hicks also said Maryland needed to play on the road because the Terps had been home two seasons in a row (Illinois, Michigan) before traveling to Indiana last year. Duke gets to be at home because the Blue Devils were away for two seasons in the Challenge. Ditto for Florida State. Finally, Hicks said the two conferences and ESPN knew Maryland was losing three starters from last season. "Maryland is losing three seniors who scored more than half their points," he said."


Ryan Young Named a "Standout" Player from Last Weekend

By Lacrosse Magazine. They're also predicting a 9-6 Terps victory over Notre Dame on Saturday. 

Door Is Wide Open for Maryland - Lacrosse Magazine

With Syracuse getting upset and the rest of the ACC on the other side of the bracket, is this a perfect storm for a Terps championship run?  Anything less than a trip to the title game is probably considered a disappointment.  

Summarizing the Md to Big 10 Rumor

Nice overview for those who have been out of the loop on the whole expansion thing. One interesting connection I haven't seen elsewhere.

"Moreover, Maryland belongs to the Association of American Universities, a group of research institutions that includes all 11 Big Ten members, along with other possible expansion targets Missouri, Nebraska, Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. Don't dismiss that AAU connection because, at day's end, expansion decisions are made not by athletic directors, but by presidents."

Butttttt..... Maryland hasn't had any contact with the Big Ten

I don't see it happening.