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The Results for the 2011 Recruiting Big Board 2.0 Are In

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A few days ago, we asked you to vote on how you'd order Maryland's 2011 recruiting big board if you were on the staff, taking into account need, attainability, and skill level. Basketball recruiting is one of the bigger aspects of Maryland fanhood, especially around here, so it's always a good way to get discussion going during a slow period, which this certainly is. There's not a ton of meaning attacked to the results, obviously, but it's a good way to pass the time of the extraordinarily boring months of spring.

I didn't quite plan to release the results so quickly, but with the discussion around it having died down and votes slowing to a trickle, I went ahead and calculated the results anyway. And yes, a certain Mr. Brown took home top spot. I'm surprised the Jabari Brown to Maryland Facebook group doesn't have more members by now. You good, compliance-oriented fans, you.

It's full results time:

It was a blowout for Brown, but a close run for everyone else. Just for fun, let's look at it in terms of number of votes received. 


As you can see, Brown ran away with first place, and Hopkins and Hubert were predictably neck-and-neck at #2. Then Faust, Baru, and the surprising LaQuinton Ross were all close for #3 before a slight drop for Devin Langford and Rod Days. Quick reactions:

  • Brown as #1 and Hopkins as #2 is probably right. The only person ahead of Hopkins I'd rather have at this point is Baru, and that's provisional on him 1) transferring to a bigger school, and 2) continuing to dominate AAU. Hubert is silly talented defensively, but at this point he might be too good for Maryland to get.
  • LaQuinton Ross? Really? Wow.
  • The Nick Faust/Devin Langford/Rod Days debate is a big one and an interesting one. I think the order here is right. Faust was first, then Langford beat Days by literally two points. I'd be thrilled with any of the three, but I do think that Faust-Langford-Days would be my order of prioritizing.
  • Big drop for Quinn Cook, but there's not much you can do about it.
  • Greg Lewis was too low for my taste. I think he's better than a lot of people give him credit for.
Those are my only qualms. So, how intelligent (or unintelligent) do you think your fellow voters are?