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Maryland Minute 5.16.10 - Nick Faust, Other Maryland Targets Shine in AAU Play

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Nick Faust Stands Out at Houston Nike EYBL
Blowin' up? Thanks to nowaxxy for the link.

Faust is a long and athletic wing who possesses excellent skills. He has the ability to play all three perimeter positions and defend them as well. Faust can make scoring plays off the dribble with his length and touch. He knocks down midrange jumpers and finger-rolls over smaller defenders in the lane. He is streaky from behind the arc but is good enough to put the defense on alert.


Faust can handle the ball, set the offense and make pretty good basketball decisions. He is versatile enough that he can find a matchup to take advantage of in every game. He also has a good basketball IQ and is a good rebounder. Faust competes and plays with good energy. He must add strength and continue to work on his jumper, but his versatility and ability to score in a variety of ways give him an opportunity to be special with continued hard work.

Dorian Smith, Greg Lewis Stand Out at Houston AAU Event
Maryland is recruiting both as potential big men. Combined with Hubert and Hopkins, that's quite the potential quartet.

At 6-foot-8 with guard skills, Smith is a very versatile player. He loves to attack the basket from the high post area where he can finish at the rim or use his passing ability to drop off. Smith uses his great length to score over or around defenders. He can make mid-range pull-ups or knock down the open 3. Smith will face up off the low post, shot fake and make a play along the baseline as well. He will also finish above the rim in traffic when he receives drop off passes. He is an excellent rebounder in and out of his area and can also lead the fast break when needed. Smith has the length and athletic ability to defend and play both forward positions. He is a true match-up problem on both ends of the floor. He must add strength and be more aggressive at times, but this young forward has off-the-charts upside and is one to watch this spring and summer.
Baltimore Elite's Greg Lewis (Baltimore/St. Frances) is another very productive power forward in the 2011 class who makes his presence felt with his ability to finish, rebound and block shots. Lewis, 6-9, makes the opposing offense think twice before taking him on in the lane.

Quick Jabari Brown Update
Tough competition. Good to know a real offer is out there.

Jabari Brown, who has his stock well on the rise, is now hearing from Kansas and Georgetown. Maryland was the latest school to offer him.

Also, there's a note in that link about 2012 dreamboat, Justin Anderson.

Maryland's Potential National Final Road Just Got a Lot Easier
Syracuse, the biggest potential obstacle standing between Maryland and the final, just fell to Army in a monumental upset. Notre Dame comes first, but the following game isn't quite as hard as we expected.

WLax Destroys Marist, Advances in NCAAT
Bout to knock Northwestern off their perch.

Mychal Parker Kicked Out Of Miller?
khenderson0703 did some investigation and discovered that Mychal Parker left the Miller School with about a week of school left. Shouldn't affect his standing with MD (though I'm wondering if he got his diploma) but it's still a little concerning, at least to me.

Ashton Pankey Gives His Thoughts on Berend Weijs
They are deep:

good pickup for us

Ashton has spoken.

Way Too Early Bracketology - Maryland in First Four Out
Dobber over at BtB, SBN's bracketology blog, has up a way too early bracketology that he admits is for entertainment purposes only. But still: Maryland is in the first four out. We're close.

Former Maryland Target Jon Graham "Didn't Develop"

The guy whose opinion I respect more than any other on Maryland kids is that of Tom Strickler, a longtime analyst along the mid-Atlantic. Strickler not only lives in Baltimore but his condo is across the street from Calvert Hall. He saw Graham, son of former Maryland Terrapin Ernest Graham (1978-81), 12-15 times by his own estimate last season. Further, Strickler is an unfailingly upbeat and optimistic guy.


And he has nothing but questions about Graham.


So far, the word then is the dreaded "soft," not something you wanna hear about a 6-8 guy. But that's how Strickler described Graham. And that's the last thing his dad was. Funny how that works.

I'm good with Weijs.