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Maryland 2011 Basketball Recruiting Big Board, Version 2.0

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When Ben G. informed the public at large of Maryland's 11-8 victory over Hofstra yesterday, the news was greeted with...apathy. It's true: we have entered the dregs, the dog days (even if it isn't summer yet). There's simply not a ton going on that most mainstream fans care about; there's not a lot we can do about that.

That said, we can at least talk about interesting stuff. Awhile back we did a 2011 basketball recruiting big board, asking you to vote on who you'd most like to create a sort of fan mini-consensus on where you stand. It's ultimately a pointless exercise, but one that stimulates discussion and is a good way to pass the time.

A lot has changed since that first Big Board. New targets have emerged (Rod Days, Norvel Pelle); other targets disappeared (Hunter Mickleson, Dai-Jon Parker); and, of course, we had our first commitment, Sterling Gibbs. The changes mean that the previous Big Board isn't quite valid and is certainly no longer an accurate measure of where each prospect stands in the fans' eyes.

With that (and the entire lack of other things to discuss) in mind, let's do an update, shall we? If you did it last time, you know the drill; pass the jump below, and fill out the Google Form based on who you'd spend time recruiting, with the knowledge that we have. Ideally, it's a combination of attainability and talent. If you need to get caught up, read up on the recently updated recruiting database (added Adjehi Baru and a few more) and then get to voting. Like last time, the idea for this is conversation, so don't be afraid to make interesting choices or tell us about your selections. Get to voting: