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Maryland Minute 5.14.10 - Preparing for Hofstra in the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

100x times of awesome. via <a href=""></a>
100x times of awesome. via

MLax NCAAT Begins Tomorrow, Maryland Takes on Hofstra
I won't be able to watch, but Maryland's official site has a nice game primer for the first round of the NCAA lacrosse tournament. Hit the Game Notes PDF for all the scouting info you probably never wanted on the Pride.

Five subplots: Maryland-Hofstra - D1SCOURSE
Or, if  you're the type that likes the intriguing over the pragmatic, Patrick Stevens has a few more things to watch out for. The game is on EPSPNU at noon. The streak ends this year. Who's with me?

More on the Milbourne Workout
He hasn't forgotten about MSU either.

"Crazy basket and crazy way to go out," he said. "I didn’t want to foul him. I just wanted to try to contest the shot as much as I could."

- BG

Tracking the Terps: Terps freshmen can make an early impact
I'm inclined to agree. I'd be surprised if Pe'Shon or Stogs wasn't starting at point guard by the time ACC play rolls around. - BG

Looming college football expansion threatens ACC -
More expansion talks, this one detailing how the ACC could be raided. I really think Swofford needs to get the horse ahead of the wagon on this and start talking about ACC expansion before the ACC goes the way of the dodo. - DT

My Take: Syracuse and Pitt make inordinate amounts of sense. Make it happen, Swoffy.

ACC doesn't have TV deal yet -
But ESPN is looking like a strong possibility again. Not official, as Mike Gminski would have you believe, but there's still a lot of logic behind it. Unfortunately, not a lot of positive logic from the ACC's view.

John Calipari: I'll coach at Kentucky next season
Darn. Nothing would've made me happier than him leaving after one year. Well, probably a Maryland national championship, but that would've been #2.