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Maryland Minute 5.12.10 - Terps #7 Nationally in Basketball Attendance

Here's to us!
Here's to us!

Props to BBro for most of the links today. 

Maryland No. 7 in average basketball attendance - D1SCOURSE

Tops among teams in metro areas. Victory! Kinda.

My Take: Just confirms what we already knew; we've got some of the best fans in the country.  

Tracking the Terps: Landon Milbourne to work out for Wizards

No shot he gets drafted, but he might get a shot as an UDFA. Hopefully he can catch on.

Breaking down the ACC-Big Ten Challenge - D1SCOURSE

Not thrilled with Maryland's draw but overall, I like the matchups. Here's what Patrick Stevens says about MD/PSU:

" This is the closest geographic matchup between ACC and Big Ten schools, yet it was more than 20 years ago since the teams last met. The last five regular-season meetings between the schools occurred at neutral sites --- four in Hershey, Pa., the other in Baltimore. Penn State was a middling team in the Big Ten last year, marking the second straight year the Terrapins drew one of the conference's bottom feeders. The Terps won't be as good as they were last year, but even with just two starters back this looks like a game that favors Maryland even in Happy Valley."

- BG

And now for the daily realignment links...

Yet Again: Maryland Pops Up in B10 Speculation

UMD is a "wildcard". Apparently the SEC should also have interest. Not feeling that one so much.

It's surprising there hasn't been any speculation about Maryland joining the Big Ten. The state shares a border with Pennsylvania. The school is an AAU member. The program would deliver the Baltimore and Washington TV markets. There are a ton of great high school football and basketball players in Maryland, Washington and northern Virginia. For the same reasons -- except the geography, which wouldn't be too much of a stretch -- the Terps should also be attractive to the SEC. But Maryland is a founding member of the ACC, and those bonds are strong.

Conference Rumor Du Jour: Clemson to the SEC

Disaster sequence...initiate.

Conference Rumor Du Jour Part Deux: A Big 12-Pac 10 Alliance

This seems all too much like Star Wars right now.

Coach K Says Irving Will Transform Duke - Zags

He'll supposedly change the way they play. Sadly, I think K might be right; Irving's silly good.

Coach K Backs LeBron, D-Wade in Decisions

Phew. We can all breathe easier knowing the sultan of basketball will approve of their decisions. - BG

UConn Paying Big Bucks for Legal Defense - Zags

They've already shelled out $700,000 and expect to spend more. There is some justice in the world. - BG