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Greivis Vasquez NBA Update: Holding Steady

Like I said earlier, nothing will keep Maryland fans occupied during the dog days of the summer more than Greivis Vasquez's NBA bid. So yes, you can expect pretty regular updates on Greivis' current standing in the eyes of scouts, teams, and (mostly) random bloggers like myself.

Last time we looked at it, the consensus was early-to-mid second round. That hasn't really changed, though the teams he'd potentially go to has. Let's run it down: has updated its mock, and Greivis has benefited, going from 37 (to Milwaukee) to 33 (to Sacramento). I can think of a lot of more preferable landing spots for Greivis than Sacramento, a franchise currently without a rudder and with Tyreke Evans already firmly established as the point guard for the future. Unless they decide to move him to SG, Greivis would have very little chance for upward mobility in Sacto.

The good news there is that it's higher than where he was, so hopefully that indicates something tangible.

Unfortunately, it probably doesn't; in the other recently updated mock draft, WalterFootball, Greivis slid. Originally slated at 34, he's now predicted to go at 40 to Indiana. I'm still not as in love with that as a potential destination as I am DC or NYC, but it would pair him with Danny Granger (very good) and give him a legitimate shot to nail down a starting PG spot. I can't imagine there are too many places where that'll happen, so I can't say I'm opposed to Indy. Sadly, that would probably mean we don't hear much about him in the pros (I don't hear anything about Granger).

Lastly, SBN's own Ridiculous Upside's most recent mock has Vasquez sticking in San Antonio at the 49th overall pick. He'd fit in with the heavy international presence on the team, even though he'd ultimately be overshadowed by George Hill in the future.

It does seem as though a new potential suitor has popped up in Detroit. Two unrelated Detroit-area newspapers/blogs - MLive and the Detroit Free-Press -  posted an article on Vasquez potentially emerging as a second-round candidate for the Pistons. That reeks of a tip from a source somewhere, so there might be something real here; after all, where there's smoke, there's fire.

Detroit has the 36th overall pick (6th in the second round) which means that Vasquez would likely, though not certainly, be available when they were selecting. The guy at MLive doesn't tag him as a future starter, but sees his passion and hard-nosed play as a good fit for Detroit. I tend to agree; Detroit has always been (or at least should always be) a blue-collar team, and Vasquez fits that mold nicely. Rodney Stuckey is starting for the long-term, but Vasquez would give him some versatility and let him play off the ball or simply spell him some more.

For what it's worth, Ridiculous Upside will be pushing out an update on GV in the coming days, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.