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Maryland Minute 5.11.10 - Finally, News on the BB Recruiting Front

LRoss > TRoss.  Lets hope this recruitment turns out better, as well.
LRoss > TRoss. Lets hope this recruitment turns out better, as well.

Terps Pursuing Top-20 Junior LaQuinton Ross - IMS 

Ah, at last we have some significant news on the recruiting front. We don't get much from the teaser except that the Terps are going after Ross. He's skinny, 6' 8, and extremely skilled.  He also shoots light out from 3.  Kinda reminds me of Kevin Durant. Highlights here. 

Connor Crowell Taking Time - Josh Barr

Crowell would be a big get locally for 2011; he might be the best linebacker around this year. Maryland sounds like they have a pretty good shot. - BB

DJ Adams "Making a Name" in the ACC

According to Dinich:

"He rushed for a game-high 70 yards on 14 carries with two fourth-quarter touchdowns to help the White team earn a 21-13 come-from-behind victory in the Terps' spring game. Adams also caught a pair of passes for 29 yards."   

Would Big Ten go out of the box if it expands? - ESPN

Katz says there has been some chatter for trying to get Maryland or Georgia Tech to join the Big 10. I just don't see the appeal, personally. You're leaving the best basketball conference in the ACC, giving up playing Duke twice a year, and shifting from an east-coast focus to a mid-west focus. Plus you're going to a much better football conference where you'll constantly have to play (and likely lose) to teams like Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan. You have a shot at winning the ACC in football. You pretty much have no shot if you're in the Big 10. I seriously think there is 0% chance this happens. - DT

MLax: Bracket Breakdown " Terrapin Trail

Nice preview of the Terps' path to the Final Four. 

Why are the Terps playing on a Monday? " Terrapin Trail

Blame Peter Angelos. 

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Carr's stock keeps rising 

Matt Bracken does his usual awesome work. And he even mentions us ;-) - DT

My Take: Aquille Carr is quickly becoming my favorite HS basketball player.  Maybe it's cause he's from Baltimore.  Or because he's my height.  Or because he's the next Allen Iverson.