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Maryland Minute 4.9.10 - Wake Forest and Jeff Bzdelik Keep the ACC Coaching Carousel Spinning

Sources: WFU close to reaching deal with Bzdelik -
Yes please. I know he's not exactly working with Kentucky here, but Bzdelik has been pretty bad at Colorado for the past three years, and his recruiting has been average at best. Let's make this happen, Wake!

Maryland at #21 in ESPN's Class Rankings
Considering where they once were (#7) it's tough to be stoked about the ranking, but that's due to Terrence Ross's treachery. All things considered, I'm pretty pleased with it, especially considering Maryland hasn't been in the top 25 at all in the previous three years.

Oh, and some of you will find this note-worthy: Darrin Horn and South Carolina had #20.

Landon Milbourne Kicks Off Portsmouth Invitational...Poorly
7 rebounds: good. 7 points: average. 3-15 shooting: bad.

Looking at the stats, though, everyone has those types of numbers. This tournament is the equivalent of an all-star game: do whatever you can to stand out, even if - or especially - if that entails jacking up a dozen shots.

A Tribute to Eric Hayes
Great article on Hayes' career from his hometown newspaper. - BG

"It flew by," Hayes said. "I felt like I got here yesterday as a freshman. I'm ready to graduate and it's been a blast here, but I do wish it could last a little longer."

Vellano the surprise spring standout for Terps - D1SCOURSE
Wow. That's unexpected - Vellano took forever to get on the field in the first place. Good to see him doing well out there. Be surprised to see him over A.J. Francis, though.

Clemson Interviewing Al Skinner
Well, that'd be weird.

IMS: Devin Langford "Extremely Impressive"
Not much more than that, but I'll take it as a good sign.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
As always, a good place to catch up with the news from the week that you might've missed.

Wisconsin Badgers Cut Ties With Nike Over Labor Concerns
A crack in the armor? Maybe. Kevin Plank, keep your head (and labor relations) up.