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The Testudo Times 2011 Recruiting Big Board Results Are In

Really, was voting necessary to determine this guy as #1? via <a href=""></a>
Really, was voting necessary to determine this guy as #1? via

Remember the 2011 Basketball Recruiting Big Board you voted on? The results - which are sure to change after the next few weeks of heavy AAU play - are in. Nothing that you shouldn't have expected. Peep 'em after the jump:


[see full sized]

If you're new to this game, the big board is essentially who you think Maryland should be targeting, not who they necessarily are. It's a good driver for discussion around these parts.

Quinn Cook and Mikael Hopkins were heavy probabilities, as was Desmond Hubert at #3. Jabari Brown had pretty good odds on #4 after the whole Facebook group thing, and Kyle Wiltjer has been a favorite around here for awhile. Sterling Gibbs at #6 was a tad surprising; looks like some of you want an early commitment.

Also a bit surprised to see Mickelson that low. Says a lot about Faust and Langford. Shame that Pelle wasn't on the list, he'd probably be pretty high up there.

Any thoughts on the rankings? I'll be referring to them occasionally.