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Maryland Minute 4.8.10 - Positive Recruiting Day for Maryland

Future Terp? Perhaps.
Future Terp? Perhaps.

First, Ralph picked up his 5th commitment from North Carolina Receiver Marcus Leak.  Then, both revenue coaches got some positive news on two serious targets.  

Positive Recruiting News Continue: Conner Crowell Likes Maryland

Crowell is a local prospect from Waldorf, and recently posted the highest SPARQ rating at the Baltimore combine - just a few points behind recent Maryland commitment Marcus Leak. He sounds like he really likes Maryland, or at least home - BB

The players "really showed me how important it was to be close to home," Crowell said. "Some of the players [missed home], and if they went down to Ohio State or somewhere out far, they'd be really homesick. I think I'd really miss my family if I left Maryland."

2011 Big Luke Piotrowski High on Terps

Only a teaser but still worth noting. He was one of the more likely targets in the 2011 class.

Mr. Irrelevant: Mark Titus Writes About Greivis Vasquez

You probably should know who Mark Titus is. If you don't, he's a player for Ohio State/blogger (he's more well-known for the blogging). He apparently encountered Greivis Vasquez at a nightclub, and it's pretty funny. - BB

DeOnte Arnett a Possibility to Move to OL?

Dear God, tell me it's not that bad. Not likely, but the fact it came up...I shudder at the thought. - BB

UMD/Navy Lax Preview

From the Navy Official site. Cottle and Crew need to rebound in a big way on Saturday.

Austin Rivers decommits from Florida with eye on Duke, North Carolina - USA Today

Very, very bad news. This guy is a stud.

Ballin' is a Habit: "Sports Science" on Gordon Hayward's shot

How close was Butler to winning the NCAA tourney, in what would have probably been one of the best basketball shots of all time (Ironically, Hayward's shot would have eclipsed a Dookie's claim to that title)? The width of a shoe lace. Yikes. - DT