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ACC Coaching Carousel Continues: Dino Gaudio Out at Wake Forest

It just never stops. Via the AP:

A person familiar with the decision tells The Associated Press that Wake Forest has fired men's basketball coach Dino Gaudio after three seasons.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because an official announcement hadn't been made. The school called a 4:30 p.m. news conference Wednesday.

I was never as low on Gaudio as a lot of people were - he was called the third worst coach in the ACC around these parts - but there's no denying he was an awful Xs and Os guy, so I can understand letting him go. That said, his calling card was recruiting, and he did it very, very well. With Wake, you could always be moderately sure that the team you were going up against was talented, if not well-coached.

The departure of Gaudio means there's a new top-level job at an ACC school open. It'll be interesting to see where they go with it; Gaudio clearly wasn't the right choice last time even though he did a decent job in the W/L columns, so they're essentially getting a second chance at it. They lose more than any other team in the ACC, though - about as much as North Carolina lost last year, without the AAs coming in - so whoever takes over will have a project on their hands.

The more interesting thing to me will be seeing who decommitts from Wake. JT Terrell, Melvin Tabb, and Carson Desrosiers are all very good and have not yet signed their letters of intent darn you for being inaccurate, Rivals - all have signed, but they could still all get out of it with a coaching change. Meanwhile, Travis McKie - possibly the best of the class - has signed his letter of intent, but could almost certainly get out of it if he chooses to. Maryland was involved the last time around. 

Tabb would be the most interesting to watch - he fills the athletic four role that Maryland really needs decently. Desrosiers is a big man but more like a Jordan Williams (though skinnier) from what I've heard, and while Terrell and McKie might be upgrades over the current backcourt commitments, they wouldn't be so good as to warrant overcrowding (in my humble opinion, of course).

Now...who would have a better chance at Brad Stevens: Clemson or Wake?