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Vote on the Testudo Times 2011 Basketball Recruiting Big Board

#1? Probably.
#1? Probably.

It's official: we've hit the dead cycle.

News around Maryland athletics is coming at a snail's pace. So what do we do in times like this? Argue about recruiting, of course.

Last year, we tried to do a Testudo Times Big Board, putting the various targets in order of their desired level from the fanbase. It had its flaws, but was fun. Here's hoping we can fix the flaws by going a slightly different route in voting. Once you descend past the jump, you will be greeted with a Google Form, asking you who you think should be where on the Testudo Times 2011 Basketball Recruiting Big Board. While it's rather self-explanatory, I'll explain it: simply choose from the drop-down list of 16 prospects who should be the #1 target, #2 target, and so on. And don't put the same one at multiple spots - I'll count the lower one. I'll leave this open for 5 days (maybe 7), then post the big board and have it in the database. If anything changes (a commitment, for example), we may have another one, but this won't be a regular occurance.

Of course, you may want to first inform yourself on these players, and the best way to do that may be to visit our recruiting database. Each player has a semi-detailed writeup and useful links.

Also, if you vote, please let us know who you selected in the comments. This has the chance to be a nice venue for discussion, so let's take advantage of it, no?

With that, here we go: