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Maryland Minute 4.5.10 - GV Honored with Cousy Award, Lax Falls Spot in Poll


GV Praised at Cousy Award Presentation 

Some great quotes this morning from Bill Walton (one of the presenters) and Gary. Definitely worth the short read.

Terps Drop 1 Spot to #5 in Newest Lax Poll

Not a huge suprise given the loss this Saturday but still a bit dissapointing. Once again, a questionable call goes UVA's way to sink the Terps.

Ralph Friedgen Has the 5th Hottest Seat in the NCAA

No surprise.

And he’s still there, why? He might churn out some freak-of-nature NFL prospects, but Friedgen is struggling to field talented teams that can hang around the ACC title hunt.

- BB

Terp Target Marquise Williams Shines at Combine

Going to be an impossible pull, but so was Javarie Johnson.

Marquise Williams (Charlotte, N.C./Mallard Creek) has a cannon for an arm. The 6-3, 215-pounder has a dozen scholarship offers, but there isn't one program that jumps out when you look at his recruitment as a team to beat. With that, whatever school lands Williams is going to get a player with a lot of upside. Like LeMay, Williams is poised and mature and showed a good understanding of the game Saturday.

- BB

The Krzyzewski to Nets Rumor Heats Up Again

The rumor is that the offer could reach as high as $15m per year. That's a lot of dough. He's denying it, but if he wins tonight, it's conceivable. - BB

My Take: Its really hard to see Kwyefweufgw anywhere else. 

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap

Good read as always. One interesting note is that Desmond Hubert isn't claiming to have an offer from the Terps. Did he just forget to mention MD or is the staff falling asleep here? 

Recruiting Report: More on Ryan Doyle

Good stuff, as always, from Matt Bracken at the Sun. - BB