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Maryland Minute 4.4.10 - Greivis Vasquez Gets National Accolades...Again

Greivis Vasquez Named to Several More All-American Teams
Props to G.V. His season was amazing, and it's good to see him get selected for some of these.

And Here Comes the Jabari Brown Facebook Group
Ok, so it's probably a secondary violation, but at least we're getting legit fans N.C. State's John Wall conquest. Okay, maybe not. Whatever, it's all good. Join up.

Jabari Brown Junior Season Mixtape
Sweet, link relevance. It's actually about a week old, but it's new to me, so it's getting posted. He's pretty solid. Do everything 2 guard? I'm down with that. Let the Facebook Group continue.

Danny O'Brien Leads TD Drive in Scrimmage, Raises Stock
DOB had the only TD drive in the first scrimmage of the year. C.J. Brown apparently didn't do much in the way of snaps under center. Not all that happy about that.

CFN: 4/3 Spring Analysis - Maryland's New Defense
Defense is being rebuilt, but I think it'll be better than last year. Then again, I said that last year.

People Around the Country Actually Know About Jordan Williams
It's Bleacher Report, so be forewarned, but some random person that probably isn't a Maryland fan calls Jordan Williams a possible "breakout" sophomore.