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Random Thought of the Day: Will Maryland See a Return of the Wild Turtle?

Maryland's past their sixth spring practice of the season, and a thought hit me, sort of randomly: will Maryland fans see the Wildcat package this year?

Not much of introduction into this one, because it's a bit of an unexpected question, but you may remember that I requested it in the past and Patrick Stevens even asked about. Actually, Maryland even trotted out in it before, giving Torrey Smith - a QB in high school, likely the most dangerous player on the team, possibly the most dangerous player in the conference, and Heisman hopeful - a shot at it three times last season.

All three plays were runs, I believe to the right. All three were for no gain. All three were one-deal affairs.

The lack of success probably lead the coaching staff to abandon it. But for something with as big of a hit/miss potential as the Wildcat (or Wildturtle), having three average plays isn't all that surprising. Considering how much trouble they had getting the ball in Torrey Smith's hands at times last season, one has to wonder if it will make a comeback. It would certainly give Torrey a chance to get his hands on the ball more, and he definitely has the talent to run it.

Then again, Maryland might actually have some semblance of an offense this season, as long as the OL can hold up and one of the QBs can prove worthy. Wildcat packages are generally unnecessary when the offense is clicking, and the hope is that it will be. At the same time, though, it can add a completely different dimension to the gameplan.

This is one thing I plan to keep an eye on. It's one of the more interesting topics floating underneath the radar right now.