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Maryland Minute 4.30.10 - Alex Wujciak Named to Lombardi Watch List

Badass. Image via <a href=""></a>
Badass. Image via

Alex Wujciak on Lombardi Watch List
Unlike last year, there will be a lot of help for Wujciak on defensive next year. Whether or not that's good for the tackle machine is debatable, but hopefully he can make some noise his senior year.

It's Over: Terrence Ross to Washington
Cough*nike*cough. Hey, doing what's best for his family.

Terrence Jones "Always Wanted to Play With Terrence Ross"
I'm laughing, both in a funny way and a sad way.

"I wanted to be close to home and like I've been saying since eighth grade, I wanted to play with Terrence Ross," Jones said. "Plus, I just feel like Coach (Lorenzo) Romar is a father figure for me."

I hate basketball recruiting. Not because neither Terrence ended up at MD, but because what's spouted after they don't.

But Wait: Jones Hasn't Signed LOI; Calipari Called Him After Announcement, Still Recruiting Him
LOL x 1000.

Virginia Football Commits Secondary Violation, Reinforces the Idea that Coaches Don't Understand Technology
New and "young" Virginia HC Mike London committed a secondary violation by posting on the Facebook wall of super-stud LB Curtis Grant. While sending a message is okay, coaches can't post on the wall, which is what London did. His reason:

London was not available for comment, but it was considered by Virginia's compliance office as an "honest mistake" because London "believed he was privately messaging the prospective student-athlete as opposed to writing on the prospective student-athlete's wall," Steve Flippen, Virginia's assistant athletic director for compliance, wrote in an e-mail.
Not awful, but I laughed for some reason. Will coaches ever learn?

Nick Novak Signs With Chargers
Congrats to Nick the Kick. Please beat out Nate Kaeding. I know he's a Pro Bowler and all, but every time I draft him in fantasy football he's terrible.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know the drill.