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Gary Williams Finally Officially Nominated for Hall of Fame

We sometimes colloquially refer to Gary Williams as HOF Gary, but there's some irony in that: Gary isn't actually technically in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Considered by most to be little more than a formality, Gary Williams' status as a Hall of Famer has been entrenched for a few years. Now he might actually be official sometime soon.

Per Steve Yanda, Maryland AD Debbie Yow plans to officially nominate Gary for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Considering that Jim Boeheim, Jim Calhoun, and Roy Williams are all in the HoF, Gary is essentially a shoe-in. Few coaches have a 649-366 record with a national championship, and his reputation is well-known through college basketball. And yes, this process probably took longer than it should've.

For anyone curious, the process isn't difficult to grasp. There's an initial "screening committee" which sends on qualified applicants (read: almost everyone that takes the time to apply) to an Honors Committee made up of 24 "specialists". If 18 of those specialists say yes, Gary's in.

I find it difficult to believe that 7 people would find it in their hearts to say no to Gary's bid. Little more than technicality at this point, but I suppose I'll hold off on the congratulations until it's made official. Still, great to see.