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Maryland Minute 4.29.10 - Ranking the Top 50 Haiku

My photoshop skills aren't quite at BBro level but I'm getting there.
My photoshop skills aren't quite at BBro level but I'm getting there.

The Top 50 Greatest Maryland Basketball Players Of All Time -- In Haiku! | Bleacher Report

This list is awesome. It also prompted a heated Dixon vs. Bias debate between my roommates.   

Recruiting Report: Terps pledge Nigel King could've been a Tiger

Nigel King was this close to going to LSU, but the coach recruiting him left, and Maryland was revealed to be the best fit. Yes, you read that right, MD stole a commitment from LSU. As for Nigel's game, well:

"All you have to do is give him the option. If he’s covered and you throw it at his chest or down low, that shorter guy has an opportunity just as much as Nigel does [to catch it]. But if you throw it in the air, I’ll take my chances with Nigel every day of the week and twice on Sunday that he’s going to come down with it. Plus, he can take a hit. And Nigel can take it to the house. He’s a game changer."

That will come in handy the one time Maryland throws a fade near the endzone per year. - BB

Report: NCAA Found Violations at UConn

Most of you weren't around here when this news first broke, but there was a minor commotion about it, so I figured it only responsible to link to it again. Now it's time to move on to Calipari. - BB

Final Thoughts From Maryland's Spring Football Game

Via CSN:

"Torrey has made a bunch of big plays for us," Franklin said of Smith, who caught four balls for 90 yards and a touchdown in the Red-White game. "We would hope to get to the point that whenever they leave Torrey one-on-one, that should be a matchup we can win. When you have that situation, you have a chance."

I'm thinking we need to start the Torrey Smith for Heisman Campaign.  

New NCAA president wants to end one-and-done phenomenon

I can get behind that cause.

Terrence Jones to announce tomorrow

Guesses, anyone?

Washington hires ex-Terps standout as assistant women's hoops coach -

Does this mean UW is sending us TRoss?