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Maryland Minute 4.28.10 - Ralph Goes Golfing

Gary Williams...Er, Ralph Friedgen Competes in Chick-Fil-A Golf Tournament

Are you sure it wasn't Gary Williams? Because according to my knowledge, Gary Williams is the coach that golfs around these parts. Y'know, the Gary Williams with his own golf tournament? Not him? Huh.

Actually, if it was Gary, Maryland probably would've won this thing. As it is, Ralph finished in 7th with a +1. Thanks for the $17,500 in scholarship money, Ralph. - BB

Gibbs' Coach on the Commitment

He thinks Gibbs will have to work on his outside shot, and dishing the ball while driving.

Former Big Man Target, Brice Kofane Commits to Providence

A lot of Terps fans liked this guy but the staff didn't really push for him. 

Recruiting Report: Terps recruit from Bowie has upside, coach says

Wow, his coach really loves this kid's jumping ability. He mentions it like 12 times. Either way, I'm a Jeremiah Hendy fan. - BB

Steve Blake Radio Interview

Gotta love Steve Blake. If you have 15 minutes to wait, this is great way to spend it. - BB

More on the possible Big Ten Expansion from ESPN

College basketball as we know it would be wrecked. I'm not a fan.

Basketball Recruiting Database Updated

Rod Days, Jose Rodriguez, and a few others have been added to the database. This is how I spend my Friday evenings. - BB