New Uniforms?

Hey guys,

With MD being Under Armour's flagship, does anyone know whether we will regularly get new uniforms? I know with Oregon, Nike always tests out new material and designs on that program; I wonder what the chances are of a similar situation happening at Maryland? I know for a fact that Under Armour drops its basketball apparel this fall (with the MD shoes, Young Money shoes, etc.) all going on sale. I would imagine that Under Armour would introduce any new jersey designs at this time, and maybe Maryland would try out a couple.


That being said, what would you like to see if a new MD uniform came out?

Me, personally? I would like to obviously see some more gold worked in to the uniforms. Sleeker numerals on the jerseys, not the large ones that we have now. I'd like to see UA work in the triangle on the shorts that Nike always worked in. Perhaps have a belt buckle that is the MD state flag? Perhaps some jerseys that are generally more sleeker (think of the Nike Hyper-Elites, which are almost like compression shirts). While I like the black-gold-black-gold collar we have, I still miss the same type of embroidery we had on those Juan-era jerseys, with the black-gold-black-gold trim. Always something I found to be unique to Marylands uniforms.


That being said, I don't want to go the EXTREMES that Oregon goes to, which involves having new jerseys almost every year. Doing that would prevent us from having any sort of identity. I just wish they could alter the current uni's a bit.


What are your thoughts?

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