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Thinking Exercises: Post-Gibbs Commitment, Who's In Your Perfect Maryland Recruiting Class?

Maybe this guy? Image via <a href=""></a>
Maybe this guy? Image via

Alrighty folks, the big news has finally come down: Maryland's first 2011 basketball commitment, Sterling Gibbs, is officially on-board in College Park.

Gibbs adds another player capable of playing point guard from day one with a slight scoring touch, making this team a little reminiscent of the guard-heavy Villanova squads of yore. As a natural point with penetrating and scoring abilities, he fills another hole in the backcourt.

But Maryland's team is not complete. They still lack a deadly three point shooter, an athletic, shot-blocking face-up four, and a volume scorer on the wing. If they want a shot at being truly elite, they'll probably need to fill all of them.

Here's what the scholarship situation currently looks like for Maryland (remember, Steve Goins may not be around, so let's assume for now that he isn't; also, you're looking at the number of Xs in 2011):


Now, if you happened to enter nirvana between now and, say, February, who would make up your ideal recruiting class? Try to keep it basic and realistic - sorry, Quinn Cook, Jabari Brown, and Norvel Pelle might be asking a little much. But take a look at the database and throw in Rod Days and Jose Rodriguez, and you have Maryland's known targets.

So, pick three or four more targets as potential commitments, and have at it: who would you want in a perfect world?