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Gorgui Dieng to Louisville, Maryland's 2010 Options Disappearing

Maryland could have up to two potential open scholarships for the 2010-11 basketball season, but it doesn't look like they'll be filled by any notable names.

Perhaps the most prominent target still on the board was Gorgui Sy Dieng, an African big man by way of Huntington, WV. He was supposed to take a visit to Maryland or Wake Forest, but neither trip ever materialized. Instead, he gave a commitment to Louisville today.

A familiar name that possibly could've reappeared if Maryland became desperate was Eric McKnight, the local big man from Princeton Day Academy. But that possibility may now be off the board as well; McKnight committed to Iowa State late Sunday night. Of course, that was before ISU head coach Greg McDermott took the job at Creighton, so McKnight may either follow him there or potentially reopen his recruitment. Interest dropped pretty heavily after a short fling, so I don't know if there would be any interest anyway, but it's worth the note.

With Marlyand's recruiting coordinator Chuck Driesell now in South Carolina for The Citadel, it's easy to assume that Maryland could be done for 2010, as Driesell would be a big part of any recruiting effort. His absence doesn't rule out another commitment, but it certainly doesn't help prospects.

Combine Dieng and McKnight's commitments with Gil Biruta and Mike Rosario's decisions to be somewhere other than College Park, and it looks like Maryland's known options in 2010 are just about nil. Instead, if Maryland wants to add another player, they'll have to do it through a relatively unknown player and/or a JuCo player, which is something that's difficult to track until it happens.  

Meanwhile, we'll sit quietly and whittle away our time waiting for that first, mystical 2011 commitment.