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Report: Maryland Assistant Chuck Driesell Headed to The Citadel

2Well, it's all but official: Maryland's top assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Chuck Driesell is headed to The Citadel as head coach. The news comes from Jeff Goodman.

Sources have told that Maryland assistant Chuck Driesell - Lefty's son - is expected to accept the Citadel job.

Meanwhile, Yanda appears to have some sort of independent confirmation.

Good news for Chuck D, who deserves a DI head coaching shot. Also good news for The Citadel, which Driesell is a pretty big coup for. Bad news for Maryland, who loses a respected, effective recruiter.

I'm looking around at potential replacements now, but that's a post for another hour. Obviously Maryland's issues with paying assistants may limit the search.

Meanwhile, I do want to clarify something quickly: Driesell's main role wasn't really the same as Rob Ehsan's. Driesell formulated strategy and was the main guy on some of the big targets. Ehsan was the main guy on a ton of people, some of which were big and some of which weren't. Keep that in mind before instantly promoting Ehsan to the RC spot in your mind.

Anyway, congrats to Chuck. The search begins now.