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Maryland Minute 4.25.10 - Skinner, Other Terps Catch on as UFAs

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Terrell Skinner Heads to Minnesota
Good news for Terrell, with a couple of other Terps out there. Hopefully he can catch on.

Travis Ivey Joining Nolan Carroll in Miami
Nice place to play football, huh? Interesting, Randy Starks is also down there.

The Juggernaut's Journey: California dreamin' - D1SCOURSE
Cory's headed to San Diego! Nice place. He'll do well out there.

Darn: Phil Costa Headed to Dallas
Rooting for Phil through the Dallas-hate will be difficult. I'll try my best.

Terps Lax Falls in ACC Title Game
I couldn't watch, but it looks like they blew a bit of a lead and UVA just sort of took over. Shame. Hopefully they get another shot.

McDougle to Have It Covered - Soon
Dexter McDougle's hometown paper (and mine) covers the youngster's quest for a starting CB spot. Interestingly enough, he's generally matched up with fellow Fredericksburg resident and "big brother" Torrey Smith. There's a lot of good stuff on McDougle, who's a future star, but I liked Torrey's quote the most:

"My goals for this year are obviously bigger," Smith said. "I was all-conference last year. I want to be All-American this year. That's my motivation."

No Heisman?

Recruiting Report: N.J. linebacker Cole Farrand talks Terps pledge
Like I said earlier, probably doesn't have the same "name", but sounds great. At the very least, he's a high-character kid that will help out as a leader.

"He's an outstanding ballplayer and a true leader," Paternostro said. "In this day and age, you don't have the leadership you used to have. He's a kid that's going to be a leader in his actions and what he does day in and day out. ... We had a very young team ... and he really was the go-to guy as far as being the leader on the team. When things would get down, he was the one who really got things going."

New Target: LaQuinton Ross
Ross is a big time player, so getting on him at this point might be a longshot considering there's been a ton of interest on him for awhile. Still, there's a long way to go, sp you never know what can happen. Apparently Maryland has expressed interest in him. Probably a Syracuse lean.

Well Then: Terrence Ross to Washington?
Whatever, just get him off the East Coast so we don't have to hear about him at this point.