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Late Recap: White Tops Red in Maryland Spring Game, D.J. Adams Emerges

If you haven't heard or figured it out by now, I've been away - far away - for the past two days, meaning I missed quite a bit this weekend. But it's just not right to confine all the news into one gigantic recap, so let's break it up a little bit, shall we?

The biggest news of the weekend was undoubtedly the Red-White Spring Game, which functions as Maryland's big, final scrimmage of the spring practice period, and is open to all fans and media. While this recap certainly isn't timely, it's the best I can do.

The Red team, armed with Jamarr Robinson, took an early 13-0 lead, and victory seemed well in hand. Danny O'Brien's white team, however, fought back and scored 21 unanswered points to claim a 21-13 victory. The stars of the day were certainly D.J. Adams, who rushed for two touchdowns, and Torrey Smith, who had 90 yards receiving.

One of the major things to watch for was the battle between Robinson and O'Brien, and neither really gained much more ground than they had before. Robinson threw for 143 yards on 11-18 with one touchdown and two interceptions, though it should be noted he had Torrey Smith on his side. O'Brien wasn't quite as impressive statistically, with 93 yards on 10-16 and one TD with two interceptions, but he came away with the win with an arguably less impressive cast of players. The fall will be critical in determining where they fall on the depth chart.

As for D.J. Adams, he might've leaped Caleb Porzel and Gary Douglas in the spring game if he hadn't already. He picked up 71 yards on 14 carries and 29 yards on two receptions to go with his two TDs. He's apparently emerged as a potential short-yardage candidate, which makes a lot of sense; you may remember when Maryland trotted out Porzel for a 4th and 1 at one point last season.

Smith was equally impressive, though maybe we should've expected it; he led all receivers with 90 yards on four catches with a touchdown. There had been talk about Quintin McCree catching up to him, but if this game was any indication, there's still a lot of separation between the two.

Things were equally encouraging, as they always are in spring games, on the defensive end. Travis Hawkins stood out with a big interception, and his emergence may be crucial for spelling the inconsistent Kenny Tate and Antwine Perez. Most of the rest of the starters sat and Don Brown kept his notorious blitzing scheme relatively quiet, but anytime you get four interceptions you're encouraged by the secondary. Maybe scared by the QBs, but definitely encouraged by the secondary.

I'll leave with one, encouraging note: 46 pass attempts, one sack. Please be that good during the season, offensive line.