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Another Day, 2 MORE Football Recruits

Wow, the Football staff is going non-stop on the recruiting trail. They picked up two more signings tyesterday (maybe @ Maryland Day?) with Jeremiah Hendy (CB from Bowie, MD) and Evan Mulrooney (OT from Wilmington, DE). Hendy seems to be a great all-around athlete, playing corner, wide receiver, and returning kicks and punts. His 40 time is 4.62 and he seems to be able to jump pretty well (check out the highlight film below). Based on some of our recent WR signing, you'd have to think they recruited him for the defensive back aspect of his game, but it's still nice to have that versatility. Hendy is another in-state recruit and was sporting offers from Virginia and Iowa, among others. He also had interest in some big name programs, including Notre Dame and Penn State. 

Mulrooney is another more local (non-Florida) signing, so its nice to see them get someone in Delaware. He was sporting offers from Maryland and NC State. He had interest in a lot of other ACC schools, so I think it was good to get him locked down.



The football recruiting is normally handled by Ben B., but he's out of contact in southern VA all weekend. He might have more to add later. Until then, enjoy the highlight reels of your newest Terps!