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Second Day of NFL Draft Ends, Bruce Campbell Still Undrafted

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Before the draft, former Maryland offensive lineman Bruce Campbell was touted as a potential top 10 pick and a probable first round pick. Now, three rounds of the NFL draft have gone by, and there Campbell sits, name uncalled.

His stock plummeted late as analysts (and presumably coaches) saw more and more of his tape, which was...unspectacular. That probably combined with concerns over durability to overcome his amazing athletic talent, which forced him down to the bottom of the first or second in most mocks. I don't think I saw a single mock or grade of Campbell, however, that had him as a fourth round pick. 

Campbell's plummet brings to mind Erin Henderson's fall a few years back. A star middle linebacker at Maryland, Henderson could've gone anywhere from the second to the fourth. Where he finally went? Undrafted. The same won't happen to Campbell, but the fall doesn't look good for anyone involved.

And, of course, it brings up regret: when he seemed to be a first round pick, it made sense for him to leave early. Now that he's a fourth rounder? Hindsight's always 20/20, but you have to ask yourself how Maryland's front line would look if Campbell was at left tackle, the offensive line wouldn't be nearly as much of a question mark, and it all rolls downhill from there. We all thought he made the right decision at the time, so there's point in criticizing him for making what everyone thought was a good choice, but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

There is good news: the Redskins, who still need depth at tackle and across the line in general, have the perfect opportunity to draft the agile Campbell, who fits perfectly into the zone blocking scheme. This would be awesome on multiple levels; hopefully he gets his name called early on Sunday.