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Bruce Campbell Exits the First Round Undrafted

Bruce Campbell had seemingly two options during the NFL draft: get drafted at #8 by the Raiders, which would've allowed me to turn in for an early night, or fall past Oakland. Far past. And that would've forced me to stay up until 11:00 and then write this post.

You can probably guess which happened.

Day One of the draft is over, and Big Bruce hasn't had his named called yet; nor has any other Terp, of course. That's probably not how he expected to spend his Thursday night; it's certainly not how I expected him to spend it. Now he plays the waiting game.

He could go anywhere from very early in the second round or have to wait longer, possibly much longer; Todd McShay, for example, had him late in the second round going to Dallas. Hopefully an early team finds it in their heart to pick up the biggest athletic freak in the draft.

On a semi-related note, Bruce was on an ESPN SportsNation chat today. I've never met him, but he comes off as a somewhat charismatic person, which isn't always a guarantee for people in his position. Someone asked him about how he'd feel if he didn't get drafted in the first round, which is ultimately what happened. He said it wouldn't bother him.

No, I won't, because regardless of if I'm drafted first or second round, I'm still going to the same place to do the same thing and that's to the NFL to play football.

Good answer. Hopefully he has a very successful career. Oh, and I just really like what he said about his involvement with other sports, too:

We played basketball against the basketball players every once in a while. I played against some of the girls that were there too. I tried to play soccer, but that wasn't my cup of tea.

How amazing would it be to have someone 6-7, 300 pounds on your back line as a defender in soccer? I'd pay to watch him suit up in a Maryland kit.

Anyway, best of luck to Bruce, wherever he ends up, which hopefully will be decided shortly after the second round starts.