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Maryland Minute 4.22.10 - Biruta Makes Puzzling Decision

What are you thinking, young man?
What are you thinking, young man?

Biruta to Remain at Rutgers 

Well, that dream is dead. Does that mean we're done with 2010? - DT

My Take: This makes no sense.  He asks out of his LOI and releases a new list of schools, they hold him hostage, then he recommits without taking any other visits or meeting the new coach.  Someone explain this to me.

Maryland on Big Brothers' Lists - Box of M.E.S.S.

When I say big, I'm not exaggerating. Sim and Tanveer Bhullar are two massive Canadians - Sim, a sophomore (2012), stands 7-4 and Tanveer, a freshman (2013), is 7-2. They're apparently getting an early start on the recruiting process and Maryland is on both of the bro's list. That would be just scary size.

Four Terps Make All-ACC Lacrosse Team

More than any other team in the ACC. The honorees are attackman Grant Catalino, "X" man Ryan Young, defender Brett Schmidt, and senior goalie Brian Phipps.

Washington Area Also the Nation's Point Guard Capital

Want to hear more about how HS and AAU basketball is more concentrated in DC than anywhere else? FanHouse reminds you of the ridiculous amount of talent that's come out of PG County the past couple of years. Sadly. Hey, maybe Quinn Cook can start something great. - BB

Terrapins Insider - Conference expansion 'speculation' du jour: Terps to Big East?

Dear rumor of Maryland bolting the ACC for the Big East: Die a horrible, horrible death. No one likes you. You smell, even during this current whirlwind of conference expansion speculation. I do have to admit, the Big East hiring the ol' NFL Commish (who I hate, btw. Good idea giving Jacksonville a football team Paul. They're packing them in, aren't they? Yup, they deserved a team before Baltimore. Idiot.) does seem to indicate they mean business and a domino-rally of expansion might be on the horizon. The might mean the ACC needs to make sure they're ready to strike, else be eaten alive and fold. - DT

Tampa Bay Rowdies sign Drew Yates

Its not the MLS, but at least he latched on somewhere. 

Marquis Teague To Kentucky

John Calipari is making me sick. - BB