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Zags: Biruta Remains at Rutgers; Maryland's 2010 Options Thinning

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Even if 2011 (and 2012) have become the basketball recruiting targets of the day, Maryland still has one or two scholarship spots open for the 2010 class. Up until today, it appeared that Rutgers decommitment Gil Biruta was one of the major targets to possibly fill one of them.

Guess that's out the window. Per the omnipresent NYC hoops reporter, which is better than when we called him "hated", Adam Zagoria:

After meeting Thursday morning with Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti, Gilvydas Biruta has decided to remain committed to Rutgers, multiple sources with knowledge said Thursday.

Considering they haven't even named a coach yet, let alone get Biruta and said unnamed coach in the same room, it's certainly awkward for him to commit to remaining a part of the recruiting class under an unknown coach at a dying program. Then again, not all decisions made in the world of basketball recruiting are rational.

That means that Gorgui Sy Dieng, likely a longshot at this point, though you can never be sure, is the only remaining target of consequence unless a JuCo pops up out of the blue. Otherwise, the chance Maryland lands a ready-to-play big man at this point is basically null, and because that's the only hole they have to fill, they'll likely be done. I wouldn't expect Dieng's recruitment to drag on too much further, so hopefully we can declare the recruiting class of 2010 finished. It can't be soon enough.