NCAA Tourney - Expanding, but only to 68


Wait, what? The NCAA didn't do something moronic for once? Not going to 96 = Win. 68=win and means every 16 seed will have a play-in game and that the chance of a 16 ever knocking off a 1 just got harder, but hey, that's your reward for being a #1 seed. But wait, that's not all. The games will be broadcasted on CBS and on various arms of the Turner network which means, wait for it, that ALL of the games in the opening rounds will be on at the same time. You'll be able to switch channels and not have to wait for CBS to cut into the last 30 seconds of that close 5-12 game in the first round. I'm personally shocked about this development. The tourney maintains it's awesomeness and we get to watch every game live. Win + win = mega-epic-shocking win.