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It's Draft Day: Where Might Bruce Campbell, Terrell Skinner, Other Terps End Up?

It's draft day! Excited? I am. Trades and intrigue surround the Washington Redskins, which is of course good for all Maryland fans...except for the multitude of Ravens fans among them...and Steeler fans...and the occasional Eagle fan...and maybe a Patriot fan, too.

But there's a common thread among us: we're all Terps. We unite under that black and gold banner every draft day, tracking where Maryland players get drafted and end up going. This year, though, there may not be too much tracking to do.

We already looked at Bruce Campbell's standing in the draft, which once seemed destined for #8 and the Raiders. Now, that may not be the case. Todd McShay has him going to Dallas, of all places (please no), in the second round. Peter King doesn't have him in the first round either. A few other solid mocks, like WalterFootball, still like Big Bruce in Oakland, but he might end up much farther down and with a lot less money than we previously thought.

Outside of Bruce, things don't look great. Among the three seven-round mock drafts from at least semi-legit sources I've found, only two have more than one Maryland player being selected, and the other has just Bruce getting his named called. WalterFootball thinks Campbell will be the only Marylander drafted. DraftSite predicts Terrell Skinner as the other Terp to be selected, going in the seventh round to Indy. McShay also has Skinner being drafted, going to the Jets in the sixth round. And that's about it.

Needless to say, things don't look great for Terps looking to get their named called. Luckily, Nolan Carroll has visited with plenty of NFL teams, so even if he doesn't get drafted, he'll get a shot as an undrafted FA. The same will likely apply to Cory Jackson, who has a great chance to have a long NFL career at a dying position that is unfortunately deprioritized in the draft.

Sadly, that doesn't do much to make the long weekend much more entertaining. We'll update, as always, but don't expect too much.