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Maryland Minute 4.21.10 - Recruits Coming, Going

Tyler Lewis is the white one...No, really.
Tyler Lewis is the white one...No, really.

2011 Target Scottie Wilbekin Might Be Off the Board Soon

Sounds like Florida wants him for 2010, ala Andre Dawkins at Duke. Also sounds like he might bite. - BB

New 2012 Name: Tyler Lewis

Just a teaser from IMS but a guy that's worth keeping an eye on. Check out the highlight video here. Him and Pe'Shon in a backcourt together would basically own Sportscenter.

Clarence Trent transferring from Washington

Why is this news? Because it opens up a second scholarship for UW to possibly secure both Terrence Jones and he who shall not be named. Don't know if anyone cares anymore but I figured I'd post it. 

Gary Proposes Rule Changes

Not sure I agree with him on some of these.

1. Abolish the NBA age limit - Agree on this one but don't think it'll happen. The NCAA makes too much money off one-and-dones like Durant and John Wall, while the NBA gets to see them hyped up for a year before their entrance.

2. Allow early entry players to return (and play) for school - Huh? Imagine Steve Francis coming back and playing for the Terps next season. Not a fan.

3. Pay stipend to players - The players receiving an education and an opportunity to get to the league is a stipend in itself. Plus, paying everyone the same stipend will do nothing to stop corruption in college basketball.  

Thoughts from anyone else?

Stewart Mandel Explains Expansion

A commenter recently asked someone to explain the entire process of conference expansion. Stewart Mandel does it far, far more eloquently than I did. - BB

New Questions Surface About 'Missing' UMaryland Video | ABC 7 News

Wow, what a mess this has turned into. Glad the PG County police are feeling some heat, though. 

Terps Get 5 Players on All-ACC Women's Lacrosse Team

I guess 5 out of 18 isn't bad. Also, Congrats to Terp Katie Schwarzmann, the only freshman to make the All-ACC squad.