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Maryland Minute 4.20.10 - Bruce Campbell Readies for Draft Night

Thanks to Ben B. for most of the links today

NFL draft: Bruce Campbell is latest Maryland Terrapins player hoping to parlay scouting combine success into a first-round selection
Great piece from the Wapo on the manbeast that is Bruce Campbell.

"It's very striking," said Tom Brattan, Maryland's offensive line coach. "There aren't a whole lot of people who are 6 [feet] 6, 310 pounds and have abs. It's what you'd want in a left tackle. It's the way you'd draw it up."

- BG

Recruiting Report: Ga. fullback Tyler Cierski talks Terps commitment

Sounds a little bit like an athletic freak.

"We really knew early that he was a strong kid, but when you get him on the field you see just how agile he is," Jarvis said. "He's been clocked as fast as a 4.7 40. That kind of speed for someone his size and strength is rare. You don't really see it or think about it until he gets on the field, and then he just goes. With his agility, you can just imagine with his size, people just bounce off him. He has tremendous speed. He's not sluggish. He has great feet and cuts. Sometimes we'll run the counter and he runs that very well because of his cutting ability. He does a little bit of everything well."

Ishaq Williams making NYC a must-see for coaches searching for D-linemen - ESPN

Profile here on Maryland DE target Ishaq Williams, who plays at Lansford Watson and Lance Stephenson's alma mater, Lincoln HS. He'd be a pretty big coup.

Why not Maryland? Terps fans speak on Big Ten expansion

I questioned the Maryland to the Big 10 move yesterday, citing the original article in the Maryland Minute. Kevin actually used my comment I left (listed as "homertuck" towards the bottom) and countered my argument. I think you all know what this means...time for an entire post on the subject. - DT

Former Terp Assistant Joins Ohio State Staff

Good to see Dave Dickerson getting a job with another high-major program.

Nixonian: Missing Riot Surveillance Video Surfaces With Gap

DUHN...DUHN....DUUUUHNNNN. Wonder what could've happened to that little gap there.

Maryland Athletics Announces Maryland Day Schedule

Autograph sessions for the Basketball teams, the Football team, and the Spring Game, of course. - BG

All five Wake Forest signees will remain with Bzdelik

Darn, there were three or four of them that I didn't want to face.