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Kyle Singler Reportedly Returning to Duke for Senior Season

Blast! According to Jeff Goodman, Kyle Singler is headed back to Duke for one more year. He was reportedly going to be selected somewhere between 20-30, which is pretty risky to turn down. It's possible that he actually lowers his stock if he's not as good as expected; that would be a fitting bit of ironic justice, I think.

Looking at the larger picture, Duke now returns a lot. Had Singler departed, they would've lost even more than Maryland is losing, including two parts of their Big 3. Highly-touted but still inexperienced freshmen would have to take a greater role, and at the very least the Dukies wouldn't have a guaranteed hold on the ACC.

Instead, Singler is back, and Duke loses extremely little outside of Jon Scheyer, who will be replaced with the unfortunately awesome Kyrie Irving. They will be heavy favorites to win the ACC, and possibly to repeat as NCAA champions.

Also, we'll have to look at Kyle Singler for another few months, which was not my plan.

I guess the silver lining here is that Maryland isn't expected to be a contender in the ACC anyway. Gerald Henderson left when he needed to, and Maryland took advantage. But I don't need to tell you that Duke finding success = bad.