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Terp Baseball Continues Struggles, But Light Remains on Horizon

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We told you: Erik Bakich looks like a heck of a coach, but the man isn't Jesus Christ. And nothing short of Our Lord and Savior suiting up in the "Terrapin pinstripes" and playing shortstop would be good enough to make this Maryland baseball a contender this year.

Probably would nothing better exemplify that than today's 22-6 shellacking by North Carolina State that resulted in another ACC series sweep (the bad kind). Hey, no one said taking over a perennially terrible program would be easy. If you're a baseball fan in the DMV and went to Maryland, things have certainly be better - between the O's and Terps, I don't remember what it's like to root for a winning baseball team.

That said, we did say that Maryland wouldn't be in last place this year, and lo and behold, they're currently a game ahead of Wake Forest in the standings. Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

And there's even better news out there: Maryland recently landed a pretty highly-touted, top 100 recruit, Cito Culver. Get this: he's so good, he might actually get drafted, which is simultaneously amazing and awful. How ironic would it be to get a stud recruit and then realize you shot too high and he ended up in the MLB? I might feel K's pain about Shaun Livingston. This is especially nice when paired with an already solid recruiting class, which includes at least one Under Armor All-American.

Anyway, keep your head up. For the remainder of this year, maybe the Terps have to suffer through 22-6 defeats. But the future is bright.

Quick question, for my own personal curiosity: any current students around these parts go to baseball games? I don't know if I'd have the heart to go on a regular basis.