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Maryland Minute 4.15.10 - Football Team Already Prepping for Navy

More on Morgan Green, Navy Prep, and Mackall's Concussion - Terrapin Trail

Its interesting that the team is already preparing for Navy.  The fact that the triple threat offense has traditionally been a problem for Maryland might have something to do with it. 

Greivis between Top 5-10 Seniors in NBA Draft

Via Slam Magazine. Seems about right to me.   

NCAA Makes Big Changes in FB

No more messages on players' eye-black. No more wedge blocks on kickoffs. And taunting penalties will now be assessed at the spot of the foul, meaning points will be wiped off the board if you celebrate on the way to the endzone. Disagree with one. Agree with #2. Unsure on #3.  

The Invisible Dynasty: Competitive Cheer - The Diamondback

Really. Hey, anything that gets Maryland championships is cool by me. - BB

Big Honor for Terps Wrestler Hudson Taylor

He was named the ACC Wrestling Scholar-Athlete of the Year for the second straight season.

Ex-Terps offensive tackle Heyer re-signs with Redskins

Good for him. And the Skins, I guess.

Josh Selby will reveal college choice Saturday
From Matt Bracken:

"I don't know [what school he will choose], to be honest with you," said Maeshon Witherspoon, Selby's mother. "Whatever he does is going to be between him and God. Those are the only ones that know."

Well, between him, God, and Nike, at least.